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Glenda & Cindy of My Darling Dogs for so many exceptional dogs , 

Candace Mogavero President of NATBC, for bringing some of the first Bolonki to the US, for breeding and showing so many of the beloved Bolonki over the years,

Patricia McRae who also was one of the first to bring Bolonki to the US and co-founded
The North American Tsvetnaya Bolonka Club in 2000 with Candi.

Kathy Reifsnyder Web Site:

We love you all, for bringing our Bolonki into our lives and others.

Many of our beautiful pictures are done by Shelly Fields from
Thanks, Shelly!

Special Thanks to: 


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We would like to recognize everyone for being a part of the Bolonki family and for making what we are trying to do here at BolonkaUSA a reality.